Hi, I’m Nic Shangle,

I am a 41-year-old car fanatic!

I started working on cars before I had a license to drive them. I grew up working for what I wanted, which meant building my first car from an almost empty shell. After a year of working on it every day, I had a very cool 1966 VW Bug!

I guess you could say I was officially bit by the car bug…

I worked many different jobs from age 16-19 years old. I spent all my time off work fixing up or detailing my car. Then one day I met a guy who was mobile detailing a car. I spent a lot of time picking his brain. I ran some numbers and decided to sell my car and buy a van. I slowly upgraded my equipment and hired employees. I was incredibly happy going to work every day. People were paying me to work on some of the world’s most treasured vehicles!

Over the next 21 years, I had a bit of success in multiple businesses, real estate and investments. I unfortunately also learned many unwanted lessons in business, partnerships and investments.

To sum it all up…

21 years of experience, lessons, mistakes, success, respect, and appreciation has lead me to open Polished Detail.

My vision for Polished Protection is not to win customers by competing with other detailers. We are here to win our customers over by providing information, education, honesty, and above all some pretty amazing and shocking results!


We have one of the largest high end detail shops in Los Angeles county. In 2017 our shop was recognized by Ceramic Pro for our knowledge, ethics, volume, and unmatched installation quality to become a flagship location known as Ceramic Pro Long Beach. Our Signal Hill location (Long Beach) is a 8,500 sq. ft. facility that is constantly being improved and upgraded as the industry leaps forward in technology. Our shop is actually a split level shop. Our upstairs level 3500 sq. ft. detailing shop is setup for all dirty/dusty work to be performed. This is where our detailing, polishing, and paint correction services are performed. We have a 2500 sq. ft. dedicated indoor car wash bay and interior detail shop in our upstairs level rear shop. Our underground/lower level shop has been set up as a 2500 sq. ft. clean room for window tinting, clear bra installation and Ceramic Pro coatings to be applied.

On March 1st 2017 we opened the doors to our new Orange County high end detail shop. This location is now in Anaheim. Within months of opening the doors to our fully climate controlled 4000 sqft boutique OC location, we were recognized by Ceramic Pro again and awarded Flagship Status for our new location now known as Ceramic Pro Anaheim. This location boasts a 2000 sqft ceramic coating, window tinting and clear bra installation clean room. The entire shop is HVAC controlled for optimal installation conditions for your vehicle.

Our paint correction/jeweling skills and industry knowledge are some of the many reasons our finished product brings clients from across the state and country to have their vehicles safe and pampered in our hands… but we personally like to believe it’s our smiles and personalities!